Project Execution

Saigun employees have different capabilities that include skills such as Project Management, Analysis & Design and Database Design. User Interface Development and Coding in numerous technology platforms.

Our business model provides you the lowest cost of ownership by moving development to our offsite development center instead of providing on-site resources for extended periods. We recommend short-term visits of our employees during the Planning, Analysis, Implementation and Innovation phases.

Multiple Iterations

To minimize risks we focus on multiple iterations and aggressive prototyping with the use of latest methodologies and practices such as Rational Unified Process(RUP) and Extreme Programming (XP). We easily adapt to client methodologies and standards, if required.

Periodic Status Reporting

To ensure that time frames are met, quality is delivered at the desired level and systems meet their requirements, we have an elaborate process of status checks and reporting throughout project life cycles. Our employees maintain daily to weekly (depending on the length and complexity of the project) status reports. These are consolidated and sent to their counterparts at the client location on a weekly basis.

Project Website

We set up a project website that contains team information (such as contact information & responsibility), links to all project documents, online issue database, meeting notes and so on.

Knowledge Transfer

Some of the deliverables seen in the typical project would be :

  • Use Case Analysis, Risk Analysis, High and Low Level Design, Database Design
  • Test Plans Functional Prototypes
  • Software Development Plan
  • Code, related documentation and User Interface
  • Issue and enhancements database
  • Migration documents

Requirement Capture

We capture requirements through conference calls, interfacing with on-site resources, client side visits and studying existing code and implementations.

Risk Reduction

With an iterative approach of delivering frequently and measuring how these deliverables meet the requirements we improve systems as they evolve, thereby reducing risks significantly.

We aggressively try to identify risks with the initial phases of the project and follow an early mitigation strategy by developing prototypes and an iterative approach of delivering frequently. We constantly measure if the deliverables meet the expectations.


With extensive communication throughout the project and providing all deliverables in a timely manner we ensure that our client has as much knowledge about the project and its implementation as we have. If required we can provide on-site support and maintenance support during the implementation and post-implementation periods.


Since our deliverables are based on industry standards, it is easy for clients to understand and adapt these to their organizations.