Offshore Product Development

Our domain and technical expertise enable us to help our clients in out-sourcing all or part of the product development. As a part of this exercise, we always employ our “Global Consulting” approach and world-class communication infrastructure to deliver quality results.

Outsourcing product development requires that we take ownership of the product development from architecture, system and business perspective. With help from your core business or technical team, we deliver quality product development throughout the life cycle of the product.

It is important for software houses that they reduce the time-to-market the product as much as possible without expanding or investing rigorously in the product development. As a token of our commitment to your success, we can help to share responsibility in your product development.

Our world-class infrastructure includes high speed DSL connection, 24×7 power back-up, top of the line hardware, and a great work ambiance. This is always a supplement to our excellent personnel pool with work experience in western culture as well. We maintain high quality standards by including provisions for life long learning through part time schooling as well as frequent training sessions.