Outsource Projects

1. What kinds of outsourced projects do we usually cater to?

Theoretically, we cater to any IT project, even database administration. In practice, businesses usually prefer to keep network and database administration in house and to outsource such projects that would allow them to concentrate on their core activities. This is true for outsourcing both to domestic and offshore vendors.

2. Will outsourcing mean we lose control over the entire project?

The division of responsibilities between IT personnel and outsourcing staff is a critical factor in the success of the project specifically and the outsourcing relationship generally. Moreover, outsourcing vendors have made tremendous advancements in the metrics for quality and investment that drive greater efficiency into the overall process.

Within the IT outsourcing market, IT organizations usually retain “value capturing” services within the company. IT organizations find that defining user requirements, designing the technical specifications, and ensuring alignment with existing data and application architectures are best done internally. Of course, periodically, outsourcing vendors have greater vertical depth or horizontal expertise for highly standardized operations, making end-to-end outsourcing the optimal solution. It is common practice to leverage outsourcing ( especially offshore ) for commodity development work. Although offshore is usually regarded as a tool for labor arbitrage, its “hidden” benefits include higher quality and development discipline.

Our competitive edge lies in our capability to adapt to our customer requirements and fit into the model our client has chosen. We, as an outsource service provider, take control of the part delegated to us and restrict ourselves over to that part of the project, nevertheless, we make sure that our client’s part is executed as per the universal quality standards.

After all, our clients are interested in the final result, so let us achieve it any way they want, but ensure adherence to the universal quality processes . The tools that will help our clients gain their ends in this situation are the product specification, project plan, milestones, and deadlines.

Main customers

Who are your main customers?

Saigun Technologies offers customized software applications on a worldwide basis. We specialize in software development outsourcing, Web marketing, Ecommerce solutions and are expert in dealing with foreign customers from USA , Europe , Middle East, Japan, Malaysia, HongKong and Australia.


Where are you located?

Saigun Technologies is located in Noida, 5km from New Delhi , the capital of India and that allows us to develop quality applications at significantly lower cost in comparison with USA or Europe . We undertake a lot of offshore development work and have our strategic alliances in the Illinois, Chicago (US), London (UK) and Germany.

Time Zone Difference

What is the Time Zone Difference?

India is 5:30 hours ahead of GMT.

The time differences country-wise are as follows:

  • United States [Eastern Time] – [ India is 10:30 Hours ahead of EST].
  • US, East Coast and Delhi 9.5 hours in DST ( daylight saving time ) and 10.5 hours in ST(standard time)
  • US, Chicago 10.5 hours DST ( daylight saving time ) and 11.5 hours ST (standard time).
  • Between India and Europe – [ India is approx. 5:30 Hours ahead].
  • Between India and Middle East/East Africa – [ India is approx. 2:30 Hours ahead].
  • Between India and Australia – [ India is approx. 4 Hours behind].

For international time, visit www.timeanddate.com/worldclock

For current time in India, visit www.worldtimezones.com

Cost Effective

How cost effective is outsourcing work to an Indian Soft ware Development company?

The cost of living in India is much lower than in most Western countries. Salaries are about 20%-30% of what they are in North America and Europe . Thanks to low overheads, we are able to offer rates that are nearly 80% lower than International rates. Many nationally known consulting companies charge excessive fees to act as middlemen or staffing brokers. Often, this will cost your company 100% more than local and regional technology staffing providers. You can break free of the cycle and go directly to their personnel staffing source: Saigun provides the same qualified technology professionals at a fraction of the cost.

Language of communication

What is the language of communication with your team members?

English is the preferred means of communication in all activities in our organization. Our members are fluent in written and oral English language skills.

Communication Channels

1. How do I send my work to you?

Contact Information

Email: If your documents are already in a digital format [e.g. Scanned photographs, MS Word Documents, Text Files], then the fastest way to send it to us would be via email.

Courier: To send us paper documents etc.., the best method would be via reliable couriers like DHL, which takes approximately 4 days to reach us.

Standard Mail: This reaches us in around 8-9 days. FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ): This happens instantly.

2. How do we communicate?

We can communicate by via Email, Instant Messenger or via a private Extranet.

Software Projects Development Expertise

What is your experience and software project development expertise?

Saigun has worked on many medium and large software projects. Our extremely competent software team has delivered some major software projects after months of research and comprehensive quality testing phase. You can get more information on such projects in Case Studies section.

Software Quality Assurance

1. How can you prove that your software is of high quality and reliability?

Quality is the most essential asset in our workflow. We have been assessed as a CMMI Level 3 Capability Maturity Model, (Level III ) organization and all our processes meet the quality imperatives of this standardization. Our assessors are CyberQ We implement the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) process that addresses the quality assurance needs at every phase of the development cycle. Our QA team has developed a focused quality control checklist. In addition, we also have a comprehensive Quality Testing Checklist which ensures that every solution delivered by Saigun measures up to the highest possible international standards

2. Can you make preliminary evaluation of my project?

Fill in free request for quote form or send us your request by email. We will contact you as soon as possible. After analyzing your particular requirements, we will provide you with our free preliminary review.

3. Can we have long-term business relationship?

Our motto is customer satisfaction and we believe in long-term relationship with our esteemed business partners. You can expect a long-term business relationship with us as we not only strive for excellence in work but also help our clients in trouble shooting for any software related problem.

4. What type of processes does Saigun have in place?

At Saigun, we ensure through proper planning that the project doesn’t move away from its targeted goals while the customer gets a clear definition of the project and is in the know of the project status and has ready access to project deliverables at any point of time. To ensure the timely and quality delivery for 100% client satisfaction we implement the following:

  • Prototypes & Staged Deliveries
  • Weekly Status Reports
  • Comprehensive Defect Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Knowledge Management System

Payment Mode

1. Advance Payment: Projects are normally started upon receipt of an advance payment. The amount will depend on the demands and needs of each project.

2. How and Where to Pay: We will provide the information so that you can wire payments to our bank or mail a check to our bank. Wiring is the normal means by which most International businesses make their payments.

3. Payment Schedule: Payments must be made within three working days of receiving the e-mail invoice. We would greatly appreciate a notification on the day when the payment is wired via you.

4. Hourly Rates: Some projects are billed by the hour. We expect payment at the end of a billing period rather than at the end of a phase of work.


1. What is your company staff?

The Saigun Team – comprises of a skilled, tech-savvy development team with 3 to 15 years’ working experience; all the developers hold University degrees in applied mathematics and/or computer science. Everyone of them are fluent in English ( written and spoken ). We would like to emphasize the experience we have in recruiting, so our staff is really outstanding with valuable expertise.

2. Can you continue doing my project from any stage?

We can start a project from any stage; we can design, code, and test. We are experienced in continued development and performance tuning.

3. How do you monitor the time spent on a project?

First of all, we’ll schedule the project and make preliminary assessments according to the specifications provided. The workload will be then submitted for your consideration. After sufficient study and negotiations between both sides, a reasonable schedule will be worked out, thus ensuring high quality as well as effectiveness. At this point, it’s our job to follow the schedule strictly.

4. What is included into a typical software package provided by Saigun?

Usually a typical software package includes: Software product, Quality Assurance documentation, Technical requirements documentation and design documentation, User’s Guide, Installation program and instructions, Documented source code and Maintenance instructions.

5. How can your customers monitor their projects?

Customers are able to monitor the progress of development and testing processes online. Reports are submitted to our customers by e-mail on a weekly basis; they include reports on the work done in the previous week and the work planned for the coming week. This ensures that you won’t be faced with any sudden issues at the end.

6. Is project management included from your side?

All our projects include project management.

7. What about your Quality Assurance procedures?

The Quality Assurance team checks that the actual flow of the project conforms to specified documented processes, procedures, requirements and standards. These activities enable us to measure, assess and enhance the company’s functions to ensure efficient performance and high quality project implementation.

8. How do you determine the project cost?

First of all we collect all the information about the project ( we examine your requirements, specifications and interview your project team members ). Then we analyze the information and provide you with our estimation.