Development Models

We believe outsourcing must deliver measurable benefits: Cost savings, productivity increases and speed on the way to business goals.

With its wide-ranging technical expertise and experience, Saigun offers flexible engagement models for involvement in all or any of the phases; from the inception stage of identifying the problem space for the customer and recommending the appropriate solution to the execution and deployment of the solution. It offers structured methodologies and frameworks for a faster time-to-market.

Drawing upon its resource pool of business and technology experts, Saigun consultants offer customized solutions for a range of services like architecting, integrating, developing and maintaining the system. These flexible, tailored solutions provide onsite or offshore execution or a combination of both.

Under this service model, the projects are executed in Saigun’s solutions center located in India. Most phases of the software life-cycle are executed at our offshore solutions center. Certain aspects of the project such as requirements definition and implementation will be performed at the customer’s site when required. Saigun will have overall responsibility for project management.